Learning Data Structures and Algorithms is an essential part of being a Software Engineer. In the simplest terms, data structures are structures in which we organize data and algorithms are the set of instructions to perform a task.

Today feels a little bit different.

My schedule for the last 6 months has been super exciting. Every day I wake up, roll myself out of bed, and take the same boring commute to my desk. A desk might I add that is too low for comfort and causes me great pain. But hey, at least it’s by a window… got to keep up that positive mindset!!! :) ANYWAYS…. once I’m planted in my chair, I usually take a few minutes where I just daze out the window. I stare at the big beautiful oak and reflect on how sore my neck is and how shitty…

For the last 13 days, I have been glued to my computer teaching myself React.js. When you are in a coding Bootcamp like Flatiron, you have approximately 2 weeks to learn a new language/concept before week 3, my favorite, project week!

For anyone that is new to JavaScript, there is a common undeniable truth; JavaScript is a headache. If you’re like me and attempting to learn a frontend language after learning a solid backend with a user-friendly language like Ruby, you quickly realize JS does not have our back!

Why is JavaScript so hard to learn?

There are multiple complexities of JavaScript that can be very daunting to grasp for beginners.

  1. In order to use JavaScript, you need to learn multiple things at once.

There are additional topics that you have to teach yourself in able to build a frontend application with JavaScript. As a beginner, this can…


Are you currently enrolled in an immersive full-time Bootcamp and find yourself little to NO time at all to learn CSS/HTML?!!!


Let's start with some basics-

Have you ever been browsing the internet and thought to yourself, “Wow, what is the science behind everything I am seeing right now!? “. “How am I able to like and unlike this photo on my Facebook feed!?”. If you answered yes then this is a perfect blog to introduce an understanding of what is happening behind the scenes of your computer screen! If you answered no, well, stick around anyway and learn a few things about web development!

During the unprecedented events of the Covid-19, I took a leap of faith and decided to further my programming knowledge by learning a new language. I applied and was accepted into a fully funded boot camp program at Flatiron School. My cohort is almost 2 months deep with Ruby, and I have fallen in love! The simplicity, productivity and power behind Ruby has really made this journey to becoming a Software Engineer enjoyable and fun. I want to share this love for Ruby by showing a few reasons why I believe Ruby Rules!

Ruby Rules Because…

Reason 1-

Christy Tropila

Started my journey as a Web Dev in 2018 and loving every minute of it! :)

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